I have two chapbooks published by Finishing Line Press: Light to Light (2016) and June Bug (2014), and was a finalist in the Blue light Press chapbook contest (2013). My work has appeared in several literary magazines including:

California Quarterly Out of the Loop, Television

A Hudson View Dangerous Heart, Wet Bodies

River Songs Echo

Many Waters John Loses His Job, Dad's Leaving

Flying Horse The Game

Third Wednesday Pieces of Cabin, Shoot Some Pool, His words Are Lost in Noise

The Apple Tree Thrift Shop, Spoons, The Mess, Any Thing

Like Light Coming Home

Word Thursdays Morning Again, George's Gulf

Raven's Perch Knot Theory


"To read My Wolf is to enter the kind of dreamy world that only Kate McNairy can create. Colors chatter, a pampered coat discovers it’s headed to the cleaners, and a gem-eyed wolf howls beneath the bed. Each poem brings a fresh surprise. Whimsical, mystical, and heartbreaking, My Wolf invites us to laugh at our own mortality." —Jackie Craven, author of My Secret Formulas & Techniques of the Masters (Brick Road Poetry Press, 2018)

"In her new chapbook My Wolf, poet Kate McNairy takes the reader from the “warm showy summer night” to an anxious dawn, and back again. McNairy’s poems are to be read and read again. —Leah Huete de Maines, Poet-in-Residence Emerita, Northern Kentucky University " -


"Kate McNairy's poems carry inside them the mayhem of love and the aftermath, which is solitude. I hear a wolf howling underneath their matter-of-fact minimalism." —Henri Cole

"Kate McNairy's Light to Light is composed of seemingly simple and straightforward poems which, on closer examination, are far more complex, intelligent, and moving than they at first appear to be. They remind me of Chinese poetry in their compression, the moods they evoke, and their evocation of light, darkness, and the vagaries of love." —Wyn Cooper


"... June Bug is a delightful chapbook by a poet with a keen eye for images and a manner of transforming everyday objects--birds, apples, star, a deer--into totems of cosmic mystery. With a quirky, offhand sensibility in the tradition of Emily Dickinson, Kate McNairy may not "tell it slant" but she certainly orbits it/elliptically..." —Campbell McGrath

"These private particulate poems are irresistible, enchanting because they disturb so quietly. Kate McNairy has a rare talent: the ability to agitate--just enough for the sake of beauty--the worn grooves of everyday emotions and thoughts. " —+ .Threse Broderick